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    Shree jagannath mishra gaur, kamal

ISBN: 9789389888256
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Geeta Gunjan

by: Shree jagannath mishra gaur, kamal


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    Hindi writing started from 1921-22 in the era of Shadowism. His works were published in the main paper magazines of India and Burma country since that time. Other published books along with publication in monthly and weekly magazine magazines:
    1. Disclosure Story, Volume Poetry, 1926
    2. Tweet story collection, 1932
    3. Old age bag, children’s story, 1933
    4. Navodita Collection, 1944
    5. Solitary Poetry Collection, 1953
    4. Moon laughed, 1960
    4. Mem saheb, novel, 1968
    4. Songs of Solitude, English Volume Poetry, 1964
    4. Veil of the Moon, novel, 1963
    10. Pyaar Never Paraya, novel, 1964
    11. Prakrit-Purusha, epic, 1976
    12. Char castle of magic
    13. Biography of Dharmarathi Sikh Guru Govind Singh (in verse)
    They had four sons and two daughters. I am dedicating his third son, Dr. Ratnendra Kumar Mishra, to his late mother Princess Mishra by tearful eyes.

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ISBN: 9789389888256
SKU: 3437
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 207

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Brief introduction of Mahakavi Shri Jagannath Mishra Gaur, Kamalam (1905-1996) Date of Birth of Late Shri 'Kamal' Joe 1905 Birthplace - Buxar, District Bhojpur, Bihar Father's Name- Pt. Mr. Ambika Prasad Mishra, Place of Education - Sasaram, Buxar, Patna, and Calcutta Achievements in Hindi after university education- Literary Rain 1929, Brajmandal University, Mathura Passed in Vidyalankar examination 1930, Vidyut Samiti, Ayodhya Famous All India Famous for the epic 'Prakrit Purush' The title recognized by the literary institution 'Sahitya Vachaspati' awarded to D. Litt.

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“Geeta Gunjan”

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