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    How would you look at a game, if you are both the referee and the player, at the same time??
    The author leaves in one such world, experiences it as a participant, yet analyses it as an onlooker.
    The result is ‘Haashiye Par Se’ – a beautiful artistic compilation of words and phrases in the form of
    66 Hindi Poems.
    It presents various societal aspects and facts through an impressive mixture of ‘black & white’ and
    the ‘colourful spectrum’.
    The readers will connect to the poems – poems that are as modern as the old classical.
    For the Hindi Sahitya Lovers, this book is a must-read. They would love to witness some
    unconventional use of words and phrases to express the very conventional.
    A grandiose journey of ‘Hindi Sahitya’ along with astonishing ideas and perception awaits you.
    Don’t miss it.

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ISBN: 9789353477295
SKU: 2975
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 119

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Randhir Chandra Goswami holds a rebellious mind with belief in coexistence and his poems are glimpses of his thought process. Born on 05-01-1949 in a small village of Jharkhand, he had a propensity for writing since childhood, but his pursuit of ‘Shaitya’ was held back by lack of motivation and encouragement. He penned down his first poem – ‘Taash Ke Mahal’ at the age of 20, in 1969. Completing his graduation from St. Columbus College, Hazaribagh, he went on to work as an assistant at Bokaro Steel Plant, SAIL. His duties in a joint family and his job rarely spared him time for writing. Still, though at erratic intervals, he continued writing. Few of his poems being previously published in the magazines, have received encouraging acclaims and compliments. Awarded with various titles such as ‘Saahitya Kala-ratn aur Saahitya-Vid Samman’ by Saahitya Sarovar Sirugappa, Karnataka, ‘Kaavya Sarovar Evam Kaavya-Samrat Samman’ by G V Prakashan, he is a writer who writes to express rather than to impress and anticipates that the reader can connect to his writings, the very essence of his poems.

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