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    Disha Joshi

ISBN: 9789353476328
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by: Disha Joshi
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Hedik 2019
About This Book
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    “HEDIK” that stands for the filling of love with every breath of your love.

    It’s Not just about the present, it gives memory straks about your sweet showers of your yesterday and brooming begning of your tomorrow.

    It’s not about “us” but it’s about you “who live for the one.”

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ISBN: 9789353476328
SKU: 3044
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 111

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
She is younger than her dreams. From the age 15 she wants to grow in all minds with her words and the phrases. Now at the age of 19 her dream is come true with the help of @bluerose publication. She is student but she taught lessons how to smile in a very grossy time of the life. "HEDIK" is not just a book or a dream but the word stands for the lows of love according to her and way to live without leave the darkest past. Through Hedik she gives us a shadow of many of memories of our life.

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