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    Shachi Baswan Krishan

ISBN: 9789389888805
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Helena and her three affairs

by: Shachi Baswan Krishan


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    “Helena had grown up watching movies. She was not aware of how deeply her thoughts had been impacted by the big screen. She had dreamt of and decided to lead the most beautiful life. She grew up to be a very pretty looking dame. Many young men aspired to marry her, but she kept waiting for that special person whom she would fall in love with.

    A fateful turn in her life shattered all her dreams. She wanted to fly but her wings had been broken. She was not the kinds to give up so easily. She kept fighting and finding meaning in her life. That is when she met someone whom she could feel happy with. Someone with whom she could talk at length. She didn’t know that soon she would be hit with another blow of life.

    Will she ever find her lover?

    ‘First time in her life she had a sleepless night. Shock of the experience kept her wide awake. How could he even think on those lines about her? She was a woman of dignity. How could he speak with her like that?’”

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ISBN: 9789389888805
SKU: 3439
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 205

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
The Author has had the opportunity of visiting many states in India owing to the transferable jobs of her father and her husband. She has worked as a teacher of primary classes and a principal of a primary school. After undergoing training to be a school counsellor from NCERT, her latest experience has been that of a counselling psychologist in schools.

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