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    Jebin Skariah

ISBN: 9789354276095

History of ot with Pentateuch book 1

by: Jebin Skariah

This book contains with the history of oT and the entire pentateuchal book which that take you back into the years of from where god form the angels and then created the earth, human either all, etc ….. and when you bring your attention too main progressive work of God then you can see it by god liberating his own people by a man called Moses and on him, this whole story was centered.


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ISBN: 9789354276095
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2021
Page Count: 40

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
My name is jebin skariah this is very first time in my life I am writing a book after a many attempt which gone worst finally I done it. And it base on the origin of angels, creation and includes the first two books of Moses Pentateuch Genesis, Exodus which can help the reader who all read this to have a proper understanding on how Lord create universe and with his great wonders how Lord yahweh bring out his people through a man called Moses. About me i am a bd student pursuing degree from Bible College fts manakala I done graduation also in bsc visual media and I hails from kerala pathanamthitta . Might I believe that this book will useful for many

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