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    Prashant Natvarlal Ajmera

ISBN: 9789390030279
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How To Plan For Your Child’s Foreign Education in 2020ne?

by: Prashant Natvarlal Ajmera


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About This Book

    Most Indian parents want their children to study abroad. However, the constantly changing regulatory policies of foreign governments, the diversity of courses offered by foreign universities, and high cost of education make this a ‘not-so-easy’ process. Circumstances that existed a few years ago are no longer relevant today. The gap between ‘wanting to’ and ‘being able to’ is unfortunately widening with each passing year. In order to secure their child’s future in a foreign country, Indian parents spend obscene amounts of money or take loans that often take a lifetime to pay. Untruthful and unsound advice by agents and consultants and the wrong choice of courses/programs often lead to shattered dreams and wasted years. There are innumerable horror stories created by parents and students themselves because of their desperation to go abroad. Parents can choose from a number of options, whereby their children can study abroad and obtain residency. These options are explained in detail in this book, making it a ready resource for reference for both parents and students. The book provides educated advisory and guidance on the education systems of different countries, the advantages of studying in these countries from an immigration point of view, and the employment and business opportunities that open up later for students.

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ISBN: 9789390030279
SKU: 3443
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 106

Meet the Author
Advocate Prashant Ajmera, a Canadian citizen and immigration lawyer of high repute, has been in practice for over two decades. Close interactions with numerous parents and students during the course of his professional practice and his personal journey as a foreign student, immigrant and parent has endowed him with the ability to empathise with those seeking to study and settle abroad. This, combined with his professional expertise, has provided him with a deep and profound knowledge of the subject of foreign education and related immigration policies globally.

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