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    Priya Saralkar

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I, Me And Salman – 95% Fiction

by: Priya Saralkar
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Radha has an imaginary Friend-in-Mind. Salman Khan. Err, yes. THE Salman Khan. THE Superstar Salman Khan. If Calvin can have an imaginary playmate Hobbes, what’s stopping Radha from having Salman Khan as her imaginary Friend-in-Mind? So what if he’s the heartthrob of millions? So what if he’s beyond her wildest reach despite living in Mumbai? So Radha leads her ordinary life, sharing her journey with her Friend-in-Mind Salman, through 20 years of a break-up bhari Zindagani. Life becomes very filmy for Radha, when she falls in love with the Friendly Neighborhood RJ. Yes, if she can have Salman Khan as her imaginary friend, she could do something equally filmy, such as falling in love with the voice of a RJ. Will Mr. RJ reciprocate? He’s reluctant, what else? But Radha has already found his favour. Unwittingly, being his favorite listener, Radha has now won a contest, and the prize is… A Date with Salman Khan. Oops! Now what?


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    This book is not intended to be a biography of Mr.Salman Khan’s life. Though the events in his life are described to a limited extent, this book is about Radha’s journey, and Salman, as seen or thought through her perspective and opinions. ‘I, Me And Salman – 95% Fiction’ is the first volume of a two-part fictional series in Hinglish.

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ISBN: "978-93-87996-10-6"
SKU: 1807
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2018
Page Count: 263

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