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    M J Aslam

ISBN: 9789353472443
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by: M J Aslam
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    It’s a collection of the multifarious allegories of human life. It’s like a vault inside of which lies hidden a treasure of invaluable articles which have been expressed in the shape of varying metaphors and fictional narratives with positive and negative undertones. The allegorical sketches have been drawn from our history, and day-to-day human, official, business and social relations. It exposes human suffering, deceitful characters, painful behaviours, bizarre idiosyncrasies, harmful phobias, hate, selfless love, human jealousy, and concepts of actual beauty & ugliness. The metaphors explain human arrogance, pride, selfishness, misunderstandings, avarice, callousness, ignorance, and misuse of position & power. It tells us about how humans turn to beasts; who are modern day slaves; what real respect is; suffocation, injustices, ignorance, innocence and caste-superiority complexes of our people. It’s a hidden treasure of mystical, ethical and many other realities of life.

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ISBN: 9789353472443
SKU: 2535
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 211

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