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    Shahane Udaykumar

ISBN: 9789353470890


by: Shahane Udaykumar
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Jai-Ria 2019
About This Book
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    “Astonished! Completely blown away. Such a breathtaking moment it was. I felt like I was in the world of dreams. All of a sudden, I fell from my bicycle. My mind stopped working for a while. My eyes stopped blinking. My expression got changed from smiley to shocking”. This was the moment when my life started opening its doors.

    “Suddenly, the pain in my body increased exponentially. My head was spinning in pain. I was losing all my senses. I realised that I was going to die in a few seconds. My mom was tightening her hug with a lot of love. My dad held my legs not letting me go from this world. The doctor inside the ambulance was praying to god in helplessness. I imagined three important emotions in my life, the care and affection of the world’s best mother; the emotion of the world’s best father; and the love of the world’s best soul, Ria. The pain reached the breaking point, and the breathing stopped completely.” This was the moment when my life started closing its doors.

    In between the journey of life, you will go through every emotion of life. You will feel, smile, get connected, and become emotional. This is the celebration of life, living and love. The story of Jai-Ria is as beautiful as your loved ones. You will see your thoughts becoming beautiful after reading this book. Its worth purchasing this book. Don’t miss an opportunity to read it.

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ISBN: 9789353470890
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 201

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