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    Dr. Sunita Jagdish Sankhla

ISBN: 9789353478612
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Jain Dharam ke mahaan sant evam sudhar

by: Dr. Sunita Jagdish Sankhla
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    Jain saints have always been ahead in removing the evils of life and society. Jain saints have always opposed the practice of multiple marriages, female insults, female illiteracy. In this book, I have described the works which inspired by the Jain saints to promote the public welfare works like to open hospitals, libraries, schools, colleges and encouraging the education for girls. Jain saints have also strongly opposed the social inequality, cast system, ahinsa, purda system, dowry, child marriages, mratyubhoj. They also opposed drug addiction to participate in gamble by young generation. Jain saints also gave emphasis on environment protection, protection of proletarial. This work will give new direction to human and the society will also be thankful to Jain saints. Show gratitude to those who have shown a new path to the society.

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ISBN: 9789353478612
SKU: 3071
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 297

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