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    Rohit Bhagat

ISBN: 9789390030859
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Jobless in Jumeirah

by: Rohit Bhagat
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    One overcast morning in the spring of 2015, a man wakes up, gets ready for office and walks along the manicured streets of Dubai whistling his favorite tune. The same evening, he walks back to his sea-facing apartment and switches off the blinding lights. He starts gazing at the neon-covered ceiling, jostling with himself what must have conspired within the space of a day to have lost his job! Unprepared and unaware that in the next 96 days’ rollercoaster, he will have to re-live the same questions, till the ghosts of his past, the guilt of his present and the uncertainty of his future beckon his deepest fears! The zealous eventfulness of his job-seeking turns into a tapestry of his own life, matched by a mosaic of gripping self-introspection, and unmatched by the ruthless, swanky, pretentious glamour of the city, he chose as his muse!

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ISBN: 9789390030859
SKU: 3995
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 159

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