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    Laljee Verma

ISBN: 9789389763706
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by: Laljee Verma
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    A decade ago I left you when you were absorbed in the waves of the Indus, and I returned to the valley of life. There was hope that one day you too will definitely come back. The hypothesis was, only a strong desire to walk with you! Did not go through the decade wandering, or other way. In other faces, I do not know whether I found myself shield or not, but I have once again come to the shore to find existence. Don’t know when and how it happened! As a dam broke and the poetic stream came out. A web of morning rays was laid, on the horizon, Arunim Lalima is bringing a naval dawn. Numerous battles are being drawn towards me. Unspeakable hymns are suddenly coming towards me, forming round circles. Whenever there was a turning point in life, the distracted mind seized a path. Rightly or wrongly, it will tell the time, and till then, where the moving time stops, it goes ahead. The roads went out and I wandered in the same paths, sometimes I managed to stray, but went in search of the destination.

    Was a Pedestrian having drunk the alcohol life
    Sleeps, wakes up, walks!

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ISBN: 9789389763706
SKU: 3381
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 141

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Birth and Education - Entered into the Armed Forces Medical Service after Bihar Medical Education and retired in the rank of Air Marshal in 2002 after four decades. Research and Master's degree in Environmental Sciences. Several scientific research and research papers related to infected waste management, speeches and statements as invited speaker in the country and abroad. Attachment to literature. Published three Hindi poetry collections, one English poetry collection, one English section of poetry, one book on Karma and one on social order. Lalji Varma's poems are relevant and related to human life.

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