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    the book Objective of the study is to understand the implication of impact and change of karma. It creates a transformation effect among peoples. A person having knowledge of karma philosophy can efficiently manage its action and their effect. Spirituality help in understanding karma philosophy properly .karma is modified by the conditions under which the actions are performed. In other words, a wholesome or unwholesome action may be more or less strong depending upon the conditions under which it is done. The conditions which determine the weight or strength of karma may be divided into those which refer to the subject the doer of the action and those which refer to the object the being to whom the action is done. So the conditions that determine the weight of karma apply to the subject and object of the action. Specifically, if we take the example of killing, in order for the act of killing to have its complete and unmitigated power, five conditions must be present-a living being, the awareness of the existence of a living being, the intention to kill the living being, the effort or action of killing the living being, and the consequent death of the living being. Here too, we can see the subjective and the objective conditions. The subjective conditions are the awareness of the living being, the intention to kill and the action of killing. The objective conditions are the presence of the living being and the consequent death of the living being.

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ISBN: 9789390030903
SKU: 4201
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 152

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