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    Amir Kadyan

ISBN: 9789390034482
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Know The Jat

by: Amir Kadyan
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    The book, “Know the Jats” is based on factual research about Jats — a community of pastoral farmers, who contribute everything consumers need to eat for their survival, and yet not liked by almost 80% of people in India. Those who hate Jats and are ignorant about them on account of their sheer ignorance, at times have problems dealing with Jats, who are upright, honest, hardworking and brave people. Such people have failed to understand the Jats and by writing this book, it will be a step forward to create a better sense of understanding among non-Jats. The facts used in this book are honest and without any bias to anyone, including the Jats.

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ISBN: 9789390034482
SKU: 3935
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 61

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
The author was born in India, in a Jat family and lived in a rural environment where most Jats live. Therefore, the author has firsthand information about the interaction of Jats with other people of different communities of non-Jats. Likewise, the author has lived in Africa, America (USA) and Canada where close interaction of Jats and non-Jats have a different path, then the path used in India, and therefore, that made it easy and convenient for the author to correlate the truth in its right perspectives for meeting the purpose of the book. Similarly, the author has a wide cross-section of friends from different communities who verified the truth before incorporating that information in this book. Likewise, the author has no specific religious faith and that confirms his neutrality towards one and all.

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