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    Neena Bhattacharya

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Learning Outcome Based Physiology, Volume II Respiratory System

by: Neena Bhattacharya
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    Learning Outcome Based Physiology Vol II: Respiratory System deals with the different aspects of respiratory physiology, presented in view of carefully designed learning outcomes to provide the students with an essential knowledge base in this area. The present volume dwells on mechanisms involved in the mechanics of breathing, transport of gases in the blood, neural and chemical regulation of normal resting breathing, as well as the alteration in breathing patterns under different physiological and pathological situations. Sufficient emphasis on respiratory adjustments at high altitude and deep-sea diving, the pathophysiology of obstructive and restrictive lung conditions, along with pulmonary function tests and artificial respiration has been given. A good number of questions and illustrations have been incorporated throughout the text to reinforce important concepts. Material presented in this volume is going to be very useful for undergraduate medical students as well as for clinicians and for allied medical sciences students who want to understand mechanisms involved in respiratory physiology.

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ISBN: 9789353473778
SKU: 2467
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 162

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