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    Utpaula Bhattacharya

ISBN: 9789353479220
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Linear Programming in Counselling

by: Utpaula Bhattacharya
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    I must start with a hackneyed scenario. Today nobody has time for anybody- parents for children or the other way around, teachers for children, spouses for each other. Life has become a single minded pursuit for a moving target called money with which to buy an even more elusive thing called happiness. If this is true then, where goes the fundamental need of every human being to talk-speak-share? Imagine a child in a school. The school can be of any standard, focusing on any social strata of society. She is subject to so much of stress of not only studies and future career but also of peer pressure to belong, to conform; pressure of meeting expectations of the parental matrix, stress of unexplained unresolved variance between what is said at home versus what is available via the social media or for that matter any media. This book is a journey of a student counselor into this world and her attempt at resolving the tangle in the minds of her counselees. It is narrated in a fictional format for the ease of readability and maybe an easier assimilation of the techniques used.

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ISBN: 9789353479220
SKU: 3225
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 104

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Paula is the pen name of the author. She is a student counselor by profession. In her career spanning over 30 years, she has counseled students, parents and teachers both one to one and in group sessions. She has delivered multiple talks on, inter alia, life skills, careers, interpreting success-failure and contextual response. This is her first book to record her work. She has already commenced her second book on the subject. Paula and her husband, are carrying this work into the Corporate world and will be penning their experience in their third book.

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