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ISBN: 9789389763874
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Lord J (The Lord Of Anonymity)

by: J Records


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    Motivation BOOKIFIED!!!! Warning: Reading this book might make you quit your job!! ONLY FOR RISK TAKERS!!! (If you don’t like to take risks and if you are the kind to take life as it comes, and feel that a book or any kind of motivation is not necessary, NEVER even think of buying this book.) Strictly not for the so-called ‘conventional thinkers.’ This is only for those who look at life as an adventure. So, basically, it is not for people like my father, who are so accustomed to the normal and mediocre living pattern that let alone a book, not even the author can change the way they think. This book contains hands-on suggestions and tips to a successful and happy life by the world’s first and only mystic to become an international pop icon. Inside, you will find stories of his life, his struggles, and much more intriguing stuff in his own words.

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ISBN: 9789389763874
SKU: 3510
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 56

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