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    Hastimal Khumanji Meghvanshi

ISBN: "978-93-5347-157-6"
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Marusthal mein goonjti meghwal veeron ki gathayen

by: Hastimal Khumanji Meghvanshi
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    “This book is written with the purpose of cherishing the memories of brave warriers of Meghwal (Megh, Meghwar, Bhagat) tribe. These are oral stories passed by generation to generation. The amazing book will describe about struggles and sacrifices of this tribe. Eventhough this is a crushed community but the author has collected some wonderful stories of Megh tribe’s heroes whose bravery is uncomparable.
    HastiMal Khumanji Meghvanshi comes from Megh (Weaver) community of Thar desert of Western Rajasthan. He has completed his M.A. from University of Mysore and planning for further studies and research. His main areas of interest are religion, philosophy and anthropology. He is married to Koshalya Gadhveer and blessed with 3 sons. The author has suffered with discrimination and disrespect being part of this community. The book will reflect his pain too. The purpose of this book is to bring awareness in other communities to realize about the loss caused to this community and also other communities may realize the dignity and sacrifices of this community.”

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ISBN: "978-93-5347-157-6"
SKU: 2453
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 30

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