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    M. S. Pavan Kumar, Archana Bhagat,

ISBN: 9798551918837
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Messy Jar

by: M. S. Pavan Kumar, Archana Bhagat,


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About This Book

    This book is made relatively confined and mended with thoughts, most importantly it is a book which people would learn and get something most important to their living and their nature of love. This book is made of four parts and every part represents each phase of life. Authors here tried their best to scribe out their hearts and put out their thoughts out to this world. Life is all about emotions and feelings—- ‘feelings’ when we fall in love, ‘feelings’ when we care for someone, ’emotions’ when we go through a struggle and being a part of human life, apart from ’emotions’ and ‘feelings’, random thoughts do appear before us which somewhat seems like a poem at some stage of life. And that’s when life seems so beautiful when we feel things, when we go through
    emotions, when we face the struggle and when we go through ups and downs. Poetry is not about words, its about emotions, its about life, its about everything what we feel and what we render to take feelings. This book will give you a glimpse through life not exactly about life but a complete world facing in front of you and behind also we can assure you this book won’t make you feel low at your hard times and most apparently this will become a cover upon your heart.

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ISBN: 9798551918837
SKU: WB-5189
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 109

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
M. S. Pavan Kumar --- a writer with passion and a professional mechanical engineer, with a stupid heart which is in unsustainable relationship with writing and expresses its feelings. Pavan is from Hyderabad a city in Andhra Pradesh, he love to travel around and also most excited to talk with strangers and people he don’t know. Let him know how you feel his words and lines which are embedded with heart full of emotions and deadly bounded with his whole intended and tender heart.
Blue rose author
Archana Bhagat --- an avid writer with great emotional heart which ultimately scribe about the feelings and sufferings of women in daily life. She is an inspiring lady empowering women around with her words and lines. She is a Bengali girl presently located in a beautiful city Kolkata, aspiring by the days and months with her own individuality. She loves to hear some suggestions and feedback honestly from you guys.

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