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    Nilakshi Garg

ISBN: 9789389888218
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by: Nilakshi Garg
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    “It was never meant to be just a love story. Beacause destiny had other plans for both of them.”
    Bethany Carlson
    I was working, breathing, and living my life as it is.
    Where did you come from? And why?
    Do you even know how you shattered my so called Mirage?
    Because left in bits and pieces, I was a forgotten cry.
    You demanded the truth. But… I was a complete lie.
    gerald fletcher
    I wish I knew all the answers to the where, when, and how.
    How will I ever explain the pull I had when I first saw you wishing someone to whisk you away?
    From the Lies, Crowd, Pretense.
    Beacause I knew you were the trouble I was going to invite in my life.
    So, I couldn’t stop myself from barging into yours.
    The only thing is, you are stuck behind the walls.
    You don’t want to be solved and saved.
    And I can’t let you walk alone.
    Not now.
    Not ever…so screw me.

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ISBN: 9789389888218
SKU: 2567
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 308

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