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    Shubham Yadav

ISBN: 9789353478636
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by: Shubham Yadav
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    The time we knew is gone. A new state arises to satisfy the whim of a notorious scientist who, out of boredom in the socially disconnected society, releases a deadly virus that radically transforms two hundred million law-abiding citizens into living dead. Dangerous and infectious, they are now multiplying within the great walls of the heavily protected and monitored state, controlled by the government. Despite the drastic attempts of the military, the scientists, and those in power to understand and cure the infected beings who are divided into four types – cripple, crawlers, violent, and the ghouls – the virus still continues to transform everyone who comes into contact with it. Only the native personnel known as ‘The Catcher’ with the special skills and abilities required to assist in the scientific endeavors and dealings with the zombies are permitted to access the infected areas. With total fifty districts infected and fallen in chaos, will the Catchers be able to triumph over the zombie plague or will the walking dead ultimately take over the whole nation? With irreverent humor, wild fantasies, a mischievous narrator and unforgettable scandalous characters, Parabellum: Seventeen is a perfect book for anyone with a thirst for adventure in the local Zombieland.

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ISBN: 9789353478636
SKU: 3332
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 194

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Shubham Yadav is a long-time poet, novelist and short-story author. He has been writing fiction for many years, but it was only in 2019, with PARABELLUM: SEVENTEEN, that he began publishing his works. Writing a novel was always on his bucket list, and eventually, with PARABELLUM: SEVENTEEN, it became a reality. As a hybrid author who enjoys solitary walks, action movies, PC gaming, late-night reading, and five-star reviews on his books, he can be found at his treehouse always, and would love to hear from you at summar171195@gmail.com. Peace.

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