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About This Book

    “This book is designed for the course on C programming taken by undergraduate (B.Sc., BCA) and post graduate(M.Sc.,MCA) students of computer science and information technology. It applies a simple approach with unique combination of theory and practical’s. A student friendly practical and example driven book. Author believes that practice makes a man perfect and this book aims at making you one.

    Salient Features
    · Classification of Programming Language
    · Problem solving techniques
    · Analysis of Algorithm
    · Data type in C
    · Operators in C
    · Formatted Input and Output
    · Decision making and control structure
    · Arrays
    · Functions
    · Structure
    · Pointer
    · Dynamic memory allocation
    · File management
    · Preprocessor
    · Graphics in C
    · Solved Programs with source code

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ISBN: 9789390030132
SKU: 3867
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 240

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
" Dr. Satyendra Kurariya, Asstt. Prof. & Head, Department of P.G. Studies in Computer Science, Mata Gujri Women’s College(Autonomous)(A+ by NAAC). He is Chairman, Board of Studies in Computer Science, Rani Durgawati University, Jabalpur. He is teacher, trainer and consultant in the field of Information Technology. He awarded Ph.D. in Computer Sceince from the Rani Durgawati University, Jabalpur. His area of interest include Network Intrusion Detection system, Cyber Security, and Object Oriented Programming . He has authored a large number of research paper and two books in IT field. This Presented book is specially written for B. SC., B.C.A. and MCA and M.Sc. students. Syllabus prescribed by M.P. Higher Education which started on year 2016-17. The primary aim of author has been to present the material in a comprehensive manner so as to help the students to easily grasp the subject and reproduce it whenever and wherever required. There are still many ways in which the presentation of this book can be further improved. The valuable suggestions for further improvement of the book will be great fully accepted. All efforts have been made to avoid errors but despite of it some errors might have crept in inadvertently, the readers are requested to write us in this regard. The chapters are planned in a systematic way. The programmer can run the solved program and understand the concept of C. T"

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