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ISBN: 9789353473259
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Remains Are History 0 to 360

by: D.Ramchandra


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    In this story, nature reveals to you the secret about the powers to which the common man gets attracted, and how disturbing they are for the person who actually gets them. This is the story of a person who’s been through many fluctuations. He failed everywhere, but was selected by nature for its work, however due to fluctuation, he lost his position in the universe and got replaced. Nature never forgives! In this story, nature is the central character and story teller. This story is devoted to the loving inspiration of Supreme lover. I am not claiming anything in this story. It is totally upon you to consider it imaginary, or as having any elements of truth. It is only a story. [‘Remains Are History’ means turning towards the zero in your life to grow till 360°. For testing it read the full story.]

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ISBN: 9789353473259
SKU: 2554
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 247

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“Remains Are History 0 to 360”

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