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    Dr. Mohammad Mohiuddin Ahmed

ISBN: 978-93-90396-20-7

Saint Paul: An Architect of Christianity?

by: Dr. Mohammad Mohiuddin Ahmed


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    This book deals with “Saint Paul” (of Tarsus) who was a highly learned person. He had no personal acquaintance with Jesus Christ. He was a great persecutor of Jesus Christ and his followers. But on the vision of Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus, he became a stronger believer, follower, preacher and Apostle of Jesus Christ and adapted Jesus’s Way of Life. However, he altered and contradicted most of Moses and Jesus’s teachings. During his missionary exhortations, Saint Paul was hounded by Jews for his controversial views and teachings. Rejected by Jews, Saint Paul turned his attention towards Gentiles who accepted him as an Apostle of Jesus and adapted his contentious teachings which are questionable and debatable even today.

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ISBN: 978-93-90396-20-7
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Meet the Author
Mohammed Mohiuddin Ahmed is a retired Assistant Security Commissioner, Railway Protection Force. He holds a Ph.D. from the Osmania University, Hyderabad. His field of vision, research and study is the religion of Christianity. His intuitions, penetrations and premeditations appear to focus on one true religion of humanity which is to be pursued for achieving success, salvation and deliverance in this world and the Hereafter.

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