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    M.D. Rahalkar (MD. FRCR)

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Selected Topics From Pediatric Radiology

by: M.D. Rahalkar (MD. FRCR)
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    This book with 37 chapters is aimed at the post-graduates of Radiology and Pediatrics as well as Consultants. It covers abdomen, CVS, chest, skeletal, urinary tract, neuro and endocrinology in pediatrics. The section of pediatric endocrinology is a special feature of this book, not included in books on pediatric radiology. All the authors are esteemed teachers in their sub-specialties of radiology. The text and bibliography are reduced to minimum but there is a large gallery of class images, through which one really learns. Reading this book is indeed enjoyable and at the same time informative.

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ISBN: 978-93-87038-44-8
SKU: 1131
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2018
Page Count: 876

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