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    Gopal Jain

ISBN: 9789389888416
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by: Gopal Jain
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    Mahabharat is such a great saga, such a great book that has all the essence of life, present in it. This has love, hate, conspiracy, friendship, hatred, loyalty, treachery and all other such emotions. Before the great war of Mahabhrat, the great continent of India was full of brave hearts and warriors, but after the war was over, only a few warriors survived in this land. This war of Mahabharat was the result of two pledges; one that was taken by Pitamah Bhisma and the other pledge that was taken by the ruler of Gandhar, Shakuni. If Bhisma Pitamah had not taken the pledge that he would not sit on the throne, there would have been no chance that this war would have happened and if Shakuni had not taken the pledge that he would destroy the Kuru dynasty, then he would have never left Gandhar and come to Hastinapur; this would ensure that the seed of enmity between the Kauravas and Pandavas would have never grown. The situational pledges that were taken by Bhisma and Shakuni, later on turned into a curse for them. The almighty created such a situation, that both of them started regretting their decisions of taking such pledges. Shakuni never knew that, the sister he loved more that his life would one day be married to the same kuru dynasty, whose destruction has been pledged by him. I have tried to enlighten many unknown facts about the life of Shakuni so that the readers could know more and more about Shakuni.

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ISBN: 9789389888416
SKU: 3395
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 415

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
This is my first composition and I would like to dedicate this to, not only my late heavenly mother, but all other mothers too. Since father, brother and other such relations can be formed again, but the selfless love of a mother, once lost can never be found again. The pain of losing one’s mother in childhood and not finding mother like love again, stays with you forever like emptiness. Maybe this pain encourages me to hold the pen and start writing.

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