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    Sunil Kumar

ISBN: 9789390030972
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She Still Loved Me

by: Sunil Kumar


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    This is the life journey of a poor boy named Vinod, who belongs to a remote village located somewhere in Uttar Pradesh. First he meets Kiran, a classmate during graduation then Neha during post- graduation and finally Shikha during higher studies. He feels attached to all of them but with the lapse of time realizes that Shikha was the girl who actually loved him from the core of her heart This novel depicts the struggle of common people as well as administrative officers during the crisis of covid-19 in India. A story that touches our heart when there is an outbreak of corona in his district. He realizes that how it affects his life when some of his close relatives and Shikha depart from this world. Shikha dies while trying to save his life from corona but ultimately he comes to know what she always tried to say –‘ Vinod, I still love you…’

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“She Still Loved Me”

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