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    Sweta Chowdhury.

ISBN: 9789390223473
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Shubh Vivaah, A Haunting Hunt For A Spouse In-Law

by: Sweta Chowdhury.


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About This Book

    ‘SHUBH VIVAAH, A Haunting Hunt for the Spouse in Law’, is story of Anita, a girl who has just graduated in psychology. She writes about her arduous and funny experience as to how her parents and society exert pressure on her to get married. And it is not only about getting married, it is also about what all it takes to find whom you get married to! She is made to go through all the social practices which would make sure that she finds a ‘suitable match’. It includes framing the ‘right’ marriage bio data in which her hobbies also become a topic of discussion as ‘cooking’, ‘gardening’ and ‘nature loving’ make your chances better to get selected as you come across as more homely and more feminine! Matrimony portfolio is done in a way which makes sure that she is fair and pretty! She is issued instructions like not talking too much, when she is put to exhibition in front of the boy and his family!It is a satire on the system of our society which ‘conspires’ the match hunt! How aspects like the colour, complexion, body structure, educational qualification, budget and horoscopes decide one’s eligibility to get ‘settled’! Even boys are found to fall prey to the hunt requisite criteria!Smart Answer from a boy=Smart and Intelligent Boy Smart Answer from a girl=Oversmart Girl Marriage is a pious institution but how pious is the process of getting yourself into it?Did Anita get married? Did she get settled? What did her parents go through during the process?

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ISBN: 9789390223473
SKU: 4074
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 179

Meet the Author
Sweta Chowdhury, Founder and Chief Trainer at Amrit Asmi Institute of Living Life,a bestselling author, a counselling psychologist and a clinical hypnotherapist, a regression therapist, is a soft skills & life skills trainer. A licensed NLP practitioner, a healer, she is practicing counselling in Guwahati, New Delhi,Mumbai and other places. She conducts training programs all over India.She has been conducting soft skills & life skills programs for corporate houses, hospitals, colleges, schools, management schools, teachers, doctors, nurses, social clubs and others for the last 15 years. Her training programs include Leadership programs, Motivation programs, Spirituality Workshops,Communication programs, 'Train the Trainer' programs & modules that also touch upon the concepts like temperament management, customer handling skills, dealing with inner conflicts, business etiquette, science of kinesics, decision making, problem solving techniques, stress management & relationship management including marriage psychology, child psychology & professional relationships. Her esteemed institute 'Amrit Asmi' extends skills based special certificate programs for professionals and non professionals. There are various programs which the institute offers which can be found in its profile. Her institute provides various certificate programs for psychology and non psychology students and professionals. Her institute also provides certificate programs in various specialised professional skills. They also offer certificate programs in various healing modalities. Her institute offers certification program in Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching in association with ICHARS, Mumbai, which is recognised in India and abroad.

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