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    Dr. Pullaiah Cheepi

ISBN: 978-93-87792-16-6
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by: Dr. Pullaiah Cheepi
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    In the recent years Hyderabad city have been rapidly developing due to increase several manufacturing industries i.e., bulk drugs, pharmaceuticals, mineral based industries, agro processing industries, lather, textiles, automobiles industries.. etc., it is resemble of rising pollution level in the Hyderabad city. This book entitled “SOCIO ECONOMIC ANALYSIS: MUSI RIVER WATER POLLUTION” was focused on the socio economic conditions of the people those who were residing the downstream villages of the musi river; they have been using the polluted water for the cultivation of crops, it was found that the paddy, leaf vegetables, vegetables, and grass grown in the area highly contaminated, this have been adversely affected. On the other hand traditional occupations like, washer men, fishermen, shepherds’, weavers, pot makers, gold smiths and toddy tappers they lost their occupations. In these area health problems of human being (skin allergies, diarrheic, malaria, food poison, joint pains, and water born diseases) is more, they have been spending lakhs of rupees of money on health and buying drinking water.

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ISBN: 978-93-87792-16-6
SKU: 1592
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2018
Page Count: 211

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