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Spark: My Emotions

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    This is a poetry book that I chose to confide in, expressing my kindest gratitude towards nature’s very essence and opportunities it provides us with. It began as a whisper, a gentle breeze shaping my thoughts in the most subtle manner, pure in its most pristine form, like winter dew on leaves, bringing with it a calling of hope, a calling of love, and a calling of adolescence. It was then that I began to search for love and sorrow in tides, command of the sun, cry and anger of the wind, the saturated landscape with an infinite potential, and me. Thus born was possibility that was always present but unfound in the dark reaches of my reckoned soul.

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ISBN: 9789389888034
SKU: 3604
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 82

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Nakshatra Bansal, an Indian poet who writes in Hindi and English, is an 11th standard student of computer science with versatile personality. He has been working with many NGOs for community service for mankind. He has been writing poems for the past 3 years.

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