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    Rahul Sharma, Kajal Joshi,

ISBN: 9789353478551
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Struggles of A Teenager

by: Rahul Sharma, Kajal Joshi,
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    The authors of this book are Rahul Sharma and Kajal joshi. This book became possible due to their similar interests about configuring life within its deepest cores. It was their mutual understanding and cooperation throughout the journey of this book where multiple thoughts were chosen providing a direction to this book. This book and its content is something that you would like to memorize each and every word highlighting the fact worth guidance. So you would like to read it again and again despite any boredom as this book promises to touch your inner soul and will make you think more about life and its complications while providing intact solutions and simplifying life deep down in your thoughts. The authors of this book do posses similarities but are from two different worlds while one being extremely good in studies i.e. Kajal and another one completely opposite in every way i.e. Rahul. But this book is about every world emphasizing all shades in every possible way. This book is different and unique and there will never ever be any alternate source providing guidance to this level and so both the authors desire to reach out every person across the globe.

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ISBN: 9789353478551
SKU: 3391
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 222

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
The author of this book Rahul Sharma never thought to be a writer but it was an coincidence where he decided to do something for the betterment of society by making an contribution via presenting a true asset of guidance in form of a book. His life has been full of obstacles where he was never interested to be part of anything out of his interest and somehow when he could discover his interest in writing after his business failure, this is how this book came in existence. The author expects a revolution with this book in terms of shaping our society for the betterment.
Blue rose author
The author of this book Kajal Joshi always wanted to write a book as one of her thing in bucket list. She never expected it to happen this soon as her multi interest kept her revolving in different things. Initially she wanted to be an IAS officer but later she found her interest in creativity and decided to pursue her carrier in acting to be an actress. She did theatre for one and a half year but whenever it was about her acting carrier she remained doubtful between life of an actress or an IAS officer. But since then she got a part of this book, she never looked back expecting betterment of today’s youth and an inner desire of bringing a change in society in terms of women empowerment.

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