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Textbook of Homoeopathic acid group remedies

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About This Book
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    I always used to give much stress over the simplicities rather than complexities. Many homoeopathic practice their homoepathy on the basis of only few important remedies that covers almost all the cases but my experiences and there are so many physicians they uses Homoeopathic acid group medicines with marvelous results.

    This book is for those practitioners who wants to increase their knowledge in groupwise study separately.


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ISBN: 9789353476298
SKU: 2880
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 136

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Author is second generation homoeopath in his family, His father Dr Temdeo Madankar is also renowened in their region. Author completed his BHMS through Antarbharti Homoeopathic medical college, Nagpur, Maharashtra. Author is well grounded with homoeopathy since childhood , He is trying to learn about homoeopathy since childhood. He uses to seat by side of his father in their chamber and he seen many marvelous results in incurable cases and thus he developed interest in homoeopathy. Since childhood his aim is to became good homoeopath and Everytime he wish to do something new in homoepathy and finally he made it by writing the separate book about acid group remedies. One interesting thing about author is that In childhood he learned ABCD not with name of animals, fruits, birds, etc. He learned homoeopathy with the name of Homoeopathic medicines like A for Aconite, B for Belladona, C for Chamomilla, D for Digitalis, etc. The learning in this way again increased his interest in homoeopathy. During academics he cured many incurable cases by using this acid group medicines and other medicines also.

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