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    Prajesh Kumar Roy

ISBN: 9789390034154
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The Boy

by: Prajesh Kumar Roy
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    This book is a survival note of the hero, described by the hero himself to his friend Mia, Once Who Loved him. This story is a very unique manner of being presented as novel, this story is started with its end, from the last, as a doubt. .. but end with a conviction that yes it’s not. .. book opened with a line, “I would never thought of my end” Mia, the narrator got that from his friend, whom once he loved, he is in jail. His beloved is dead, and he thinks that the society can make his love corrupt, so he decided to live in his own world.

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ISBN: 9789390034154
SKU: 3631
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 176

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
As current status, I'm a student, English Honors, from Bankura Christian College. And from the writing corner I'm previously published by World Poetry Digest. My two poems were published there, 'My first Christmas ' and second one is 'Have you?'. 'Have You?' got published several times by different magazines. This is my first novel. Before this I was sub-editor of magazine 'Chirkut ' in the current year. I have been involved with Chirkoot for the past 2 years. Further it, I use to spend sometimes in your quote, in Poetry soup, my few poems are there, and currently I'm working on a movie script.

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