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    Dr Kishore Raghunath Pawar

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The Eclipse of Superstitions

by: Dr Kishore Raghunath Pawar


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About This Book

    Yes! We are gripped by the Eclipse of superstitions
    from the times immemorial. Even in the age of
    science the grip of superstitions is not untied. In
    the age of science, still people are doing irrational
    things like ‘Horoscope, Vastushastra, Black Magic’
    etc. Not only this but the miracle of Ganapati
    drinks milk was brought about by humbug baba in
    India and also abroad. Many unscientific things
    like bad customs and traditions, rituals, vows, holy
    men, baba and bhagats have rooted in this
    country. It is necessary to vanish the eclipse of
    superstitions if one wants the science based
    society. So read this book and come forth to join
    the movement of eradication of superstitions with
    the help of science. You are welcome!

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SKU: 1249
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2016
Page Count: 142

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“The Eclipse of Superstitions”

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