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    Vishnupriya Singh

ISBN: 9788194522829

The Hundred Bucks

by: Vishnupriya Singh
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    Decency makes and ugly women beautiful but unshamed women Looks ugly no matter how beautiful she is Everyone must have heard this line and perhaps you will find an example of this in my book, but there is one more thing, we all have heard that there is a reason for everything to happen, there is a reason behind every human being existence and what he, now it is up to the understanding of people that even after knowing the story of human being, they judge him or not, and perhaps there is something similar in this book too, the story of the character Mohini of my book is also like that now you only have to tell whether she is beautiful or ugly.

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ISBN: 9788194522829
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 109

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