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    Vijay Kumar Dewan.

ISBN: 9789390119981
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The Legendary Indians

by: Vijay Kumar Dewan.

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About This Book

    This Book is about knowing our own great leaders right from the medieval period of Indian History who were really visionary and had a purpose in life. Their commitment and passion for ensuring an ideal society inspires not only Indians but the humanity across the globe. They were in fact the pillars of India and their contribution towards development and growth story shall remain a guiding factor for generations to come.These great leaders included the Kings of various dynasties, the great social reformists, the mathematicians, the scientists, the saints and the poets who are regarded the best worldwide. They were really very bold and down to earth and had a common mantra “In life, we are going to encounter hard times at some point. This means we must be prepared to endure pain and find solutions at any moment. We must develop the mental toughness of a leader that will enable us to face and overcome any challenge or adversity life throws at us. WeReport this ad are the heroes of our life and those we care about. Therefore, we have to develop a warrior mindset and learn to grow from pain, setbacks, failures, obstacles, challenges, losses, and all the hard times in our life.”

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ISBN: 9789390119981
SKU: 3957
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 363

Meet the Author
Author has been interacting and dealing with youngsters mainly senior and junior employees of Infosys, HP, Wipro, Accenture, IBM and Paytm. All of them are young great guys. This young segment of Indians, were very close to his heart. So, he started thinking about them as to how much they know about India? They must have heard that India was a Golden bird. That is why Columbus, Vasco de Gama, Macedonian, Arabs etc, all of them had set out for India, hunting for its treasure. Do our youth know that Nalanda and Takshila were the best educational universities in the world? Do they know we had the best mathematicians in the world? We gave zero as the numerical digit to the world. India has a great history; we had great leaders, social reformers, warriors, poets, saints, mathematicians and scientists etc. He wondered what our children know about India. He therefore decided to write a series of books and explore India for them.

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