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    Umair Siddiqui

ISBN: 9789389888638
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The man who lived the ages

by: Umair Siddiqui


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About This Book

    “Adventures are an integral part of life. Highs and lows, ups and downs, negatives and positives together sum up life. But what if mishaps outnumber the smiles?.. So much that there builds up enormous gap between smiles and tears?I suppose then life cannot be termed as a summation of highs and lows.

    Hayatt Ali Siddique’s life is one such enigma of pain, tears and devastating struggle for peace. He takes life by snatching it away from the clutches of destiny. Doom starts spelling on him right since his existence comes into being. But a born warrior, he fails all the ordeals and travails coming his way. And before the curtain of life falls, he rises up again. And we witness his resurrection.

    ‘The Man who lived the Ages’ is the story of a young guy who undergoes huge misdemeanours of fate, so much that at several instances, he almost touches the drape of death, but each time life holds his breaking string and mends his attire of heartbeats. While going through this book, the reader shall travel in great spaces and times and live the journey as it treads.

    Umair Siddique has made his hero alive in his entire narration. He has marvellously pictured Hayatt’s life to an extent of living it. The writer is full of emotions and a strong panache of weaving events. At times, he would throw you in flashbacks, but only leaving you in awe.

    The suspense and thrill wouldn’t leave you till the end. He can make you guess like the sky, yet touch your instincts each time. The deeper strata of the book holding more sentiments, is a vision of the strongest of humans, who believe in life and the power it holds.

    The book will compel you to believe that we can never plan life, not even death. We are only puppets at the hands of destiny. We have to accept life as it comes… Even if we plan to die. We’ll succeed only if our final time is destined by the Almighty.

    The book deserves true appreciation and praise. It is though a work of fiction, but very close to reality. At times, it can make you smile, at others, it can make you cry. It can set you pulsating at numerous instances and leave you guessing. It can bring your imaginations to examination.”

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ISBN: 9789389888638
SKU: 2909
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 203

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
"Umair Siddique writes books, which, considering where you’re reading this, makes perfect sense. 'The Man Who Lived The Ages' is his debut novel. Born and raised in Saharanpur, Umair belongs to a family of hearts. His father Mr. Tanveer Ahmed Siddique is an English professor. This maybe the reason to have English not only a language, rather a part of blood in his veins. He was just twelve years old when he lost his mother, Mrs. Lubna Tanveer. Facing hardships at a very young age, he decided to do something big in life. Fortunately, he found mother's love in his aunt who took his care from his childhood. Her name is Mrs. Asma Safir. He calls him Mumma and dedicates his novel to her. As she has always been a pillar of his success. She is a lady who he admires a lot as she not only took his care but also she has been more than a mother for his younger brother Usaid. He was two years old when his mother left this world. From that time to present, he has never felt a the deficiency of mother's love because of her. Umair did his schooling from St. Mary's Academy, Mission Compund, Saharanpur. He had a good upbringing with the literature. He started writing when he was in 9th standard. It was when he wrote a poem in Urdu for the School Assembly. After receiving a lot of appreciation for his work, he decided to write more. He wanted to write about space and research programmes which eventually he will follow in the coming years. At times, he faced financial crisis, he couldn't work on his dream to become a Scientist. He had to handle certain circumstances at a very young age. Instead of giving up on the face of adversity, he faced it with a positive attitude. At present time, he is a well known Mathematics teacher in the town following the legacy of his Father. He dreams that his students fullfill the dreams of their parents and plays a part of inspiration for them. His belief is ""Climb the stairs to success with a goal, discipline and determination. Don't go tired, working on it, bring on your tools start working, never stop climbing unless you are dead."" As the passion of writing never left him, he penned down his emotions. He believes in writing concisely, so that the audience doesn't feel bored. 'The Man Who Lived The Ages' is a sheer piece of three long years of hard work of his life. While he did have faith and passion, he had many challenges to overcome. It was not an easy ride to success, but through his faith and passion he did make it."

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