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    Saritha. S

ISBN: 9789353476694
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The real virtue Saadgi

by: Saritha. S
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    This story is about a girl named “Saadgi” who is very innocent and is born and brought up in a royal Brahmin family in Bangalore city. She does know the value of money and life. Experiences in her life teaches her about the reality of life. It is about the mental torture she goes through from her husband forever. She works really hard to take care of her precious baby and her basic needs inspite of all the milestones. She loses her health totally, but yet she does not lose hopes just for her baby. Initially she is rejected even by her own family because they deny to take up the responsibility of her baby. Then she feels very insecure and takes it up as a challenge to give her baby, a good life. She starts working in a school and becomes fully financially independent and takes care of her baby’s basic needs and protects her baby fully from any kind of external negative energy especially from her husband. But luckily by God’s grace her husband takes care of her baby’s educational expenses and home expenses after her baby grows up to be a high school student and she has her own house which belongs to her husband. Later Saadgi’s husband comes up very well in his occupation and his life, when her baby goes to college. Her life style changes to a certain extent. But her husband’s nature remains the same forever. Therefore she starts to do social work in order to get self-satisfaction in her life.

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ISBN: 9789353476694
SKU: 3069
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 65

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
The author is a computer engineer with a Master’s degree in Arts (M.A) in English literature. In this book, the author emphasis mainly on women empowerment. She wants women to strengthen their inner ability and confidence to lead their life with pride, self-respect and dignity. The author is also totally in favour of child protection and welfare and also deeply wishes to work for the development of our country.

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