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    Sejal Shrivastava

ISBN: 9789389888201
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The Rookie Light

by: Sejal Shrivastava
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    While sitting under the midnight sky, She lets the words running wild in her mind flow down onto a sheet of paper. She lets her emotions run wild and her thoughts fly high, She sets no boundaries, No limitations to her imagination. Night after night, The same story repeats, Under the midnight sky, She writes and she writes. She writes not to satisfy the thirst of others, lack of entertainment, But rather, She wishes to be able to take her readers, To a place of nostalgia. She writes to be able to show them, That sometimes, When emotions get the best of us, Beautiful things can yet be made.

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ISBN: 9789389888201
SKU: 3356
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 64

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