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    Rakhi Roy Halder

ISBN: 9789353476502
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The Self & the universe: II

by: Rakhi Roy Halder


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    ‘The ‘Self’ and the Universe: II’ presents a scientific vision of true love through the story of Twin Flames. It presents the realities of the quantum world. It talks about two halves of one soul manifested as masculine and feminine energy in two individuals. They are known as Twin Flames. Since the birth of creation, they are entangled. Plato talked about such souls in his ‘Symposium’. The EPR experiment of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen presents the evidence of such entanglement in case of photons. The Twin photons created in this experiment are found to be entangled forever. Space cannot separate them. If a property of any one of the photons is measured, the other photon responds immediately with a complementary property, even if they are miles apart. Twin Flames are connected to each other in same way. The ‘Twin Flame Mission’ is at the root of their connection. This fiction appeals to approach science and spirituality, physics and metaphysics jointly to realize the higher and deeper truth of the universe to facilitate the mankind.

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ISBN: 9789353476502
SKU: 2715
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 154

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Rakhi Roy Halder studied at Presidency College, Kolkata and received her Ph.D degree from the University of Calcutta. Presently, she is serving as Associate Professor at Loreto College, Kolkata. She is the author of literary criticisms, articles on science and spirituality, poetry, stories and travelogues. Her book of fiction ‘The ‘Self’ and the Universe’ volume 1 and book of poetry ‘The Wheel of Creation' have been published from Blue Rose Publishers. She writes in Hindi as well as English. She also expresses her thoughts through paintings. She has organised unique research programmes sponsored by the Ministry of Culture (Government of India) by creating a social platform ‘Bhasha Manch', where the concept of ‘Life Oriented Interdisciplinary Research’ presented by her in 35th Indian Social Science Congress was executed by ‘Students’ Research Team’. The team was formed by her through selection of students from various universities by organising interactive sessions. The vision behind all her efforts is to highlight the need of life oriented education, to create scientific consciousness about the ‘Self’ through education, to bring life close to nature, to tune life with the cosmic rhythm, to challenge fast lifestyle, as it confines the ‘Self’ to the materialistic world and to find out scientific and sustainable ways of establishing peace and harmony in the world to make the world a better place to live in.

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