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    Aazib Manzoor

ISBN: 9789389888782
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The Sentiment In My Stone

by: Aazib Manzoor
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    This story deals with an individual’s struggle against systemic abuse and the effect this struggle has on his cognition. The book takes a very personal and individualistic perceptive of the prevailing conditions of the protagonist’s state. While many authors have explored the effect of violence on individual behavior, the author tries to explore how this effect cascades and is percolated to every crevice of the societal order. The author also explores how this affects intimate relationships like family, friendship and love. Azlan is an ordinary Kashmiri boy. That is to say, ordinary to Kashmiri’s. He suffers domestic abuse, a suffocating political and social space, the constant fear of death and loss. On the top of it, he runs afoul of a tyrannical ruling system that takes sadistic delight in rooting out any voices. The same conditions force his brother to choose a path he has been taught to detest. However, the story of Azlan is yet to be written.

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ISBN: 9789389888782
SKU: 3107
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 320

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Aazib Manzoor is from a land famously known as ‘Valley of Saints’. A land now devoured by aghast violence. History, unimagined and unprecedented, yet deeply melted in the veins of everyone fills up the minds and hearts of people in Kashmir. The author is also a child of this chaotic history that keeps eating up the present and ruminate the future of this ‘Heaven on Earth’. The author is presently a student of english literature at Aligarh Muslim University. Considering Agha Shahid Ali as the prime inspiration of his writing career, the author also has published an anthology of poems ‘I Am Not a Saint’ in 2018.

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