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     Souvik Mitra 

ISBN: 978-93-90432-80-6

The Suicidal Murders

by:  Souvik Mitra 


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About This Book
    The story begins with a film called suicide. It revolves around a death camouflaged by the mysteries of suicide and murder. The plot deepens as Samar, one of their friends, dies on the day of the film’s release. Slowly the film starts casting its reflections in the real life of its makers from multiple perspectives. Samar’s tragic demise too gets shrouded in the web of murder and suicide affecting the lives of each one of them unraveling their and deepest and darkest secrets to one another. But Subhankar takes them all to a journey far back in time from where the story of their film originated. A journey that will take them through the philosophies of life and death and change everything forever. This Novel is a unique trilogy where three different stories are intricately woven into a single book.
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ISBN: 978-93-90432-80-6
SKU: 4686
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 340

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Souvik Mitra in his life has worked in multiple industries ranging from fashion to interior and from television to Gaming. But at his core he has always been a thinker. Gathering incidents and moments from his life and surroundings he kept weaving in his thoughts; characters and worlds. Moments that would live and thrive parallel to his real life. The characters born out in his thoughts would live and whisper to and with him. The Suicidal Murders is his first published work although he has also written a number of poems and short stories in English and Bengali.

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