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    This book of Therapeutical Concepts in Yoga deals with Yogic Therapy, the principles on which they are based, and the scientific background of the same. The therapy can have real practical value, provided its principles are not mixed up with those of some other therapy. Even in some of the modern schools of Yoga, one finds a strong tendency and temptation to mix these up, either perhaps with an innocent view to obtain sanction or to add ‘elegance’ to demonstrations. Medical men, on the other hand, are prone to look upon the system as some form of special ‘exercises’ therapy. The Yogic therapeutical procedures do contain some exercises, but it is to be noted that the physiology of ordinary dynamic and violent exercises cannot be applied to them. Yogic therapy, however, does not consist of mere exercise; it is a composite treatment procedure which pays attention to all aspects of human personality. We, in our Health Centres, attempt to hit at a fair combination of both, and have found that such a procedure expedites results. Patanjali Yoga demands more or less an individual approach. With Hatha Yoga exercises, once the tensions are broken, it is easy to bring out the deep-seated repressions of patients and deal with them appropriately.

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ISBN: 9789353476786
SKU: 3148
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 193

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
The author has a B.Com. from PGDYS, M.A. in Philosophy from K U Dharwad, M.A. in Psychology from KSOU, Mysore, M.A. in SOLPM & Yoga from JVBU, Rajasthan, PGDVES & M.B.A. from AU, Tamil Nadu. UGC NET. Deputed by M of H&FW Govt. of India as a Yoga Expert in World EXPO2010, Shanghai, China. Worked with RERF, Masonic Public School, MDNIY, IIPA, NATRASS, Perot system, Dell, Global Logic. The author is now working with CCRYN, New Delhi. Practising Rajayoga Meditation and yoga. Work history reflecting concrete, documented results. Creative, energetic, goal-directed team player with strong managerial, organizational, and problem solving skills. Highly effective leader, quick to recognize opportunities and support talent. Expert in applying smooth solutions to management problems.

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