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    Mohammad Shamimuddin

ISBN: 9789353472931
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by: Mohammad Shamimuddin


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    ( 1 ) : FORGETTING: A wife, a professor of Psychology, undertakes to give a psychological remedy to her husband for his symptom of forgetting, but fails to see how she has planted in him a repressed displeasure for her. ( 2 ) : METAMORPHOSIS: A young, simple-hearted bachelor, is shocked upon seeing his own sister in the act of adultery, and is relieved of the shock, and compromises with sin, when he experiences sex with the wife of a friend. ( 3 ) : PHOENIX: A young man loses his wife hours after their marriage, and spends his whole life never marrying again. In his ripe old age, he repents for not leaving behind a progeny. While saving the life of a boy, he dies, feeling satisfied that he is leaving behind someone to remember him. ( 4 ) : RETREAT: A soft hearted youth with a sensitive, romantic temperament, has to deal with a woman of criminal nature. He assumes a hard and rough attitude towards her, but succumbs to his soft, kind nature when he sees the woman’s child crying for milk. ( 5 ) : RETROGRESSION: After a small domestic disagreement, a wife goes away, and the husband, in reaction, drinks, and sleeps with a prostitute. He is filled with remorse, and on his wife’s return, he sleeps with her, only to realize the sanctity of the husband-wife relationship. ( 6 ) : THE ROMANTIC WINDOW: From his bedroom window, a man happens to watch a young couple in the act of copulation in a cottage in front. After a few days, his wife shows him an old couple, in the same cottage, in the same position and seemingly, same sexual posture. But they discover that the old woman had actually been massaging her old man.

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ISBN: 9789353472931
SKU: 2652
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 92

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