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    Mukesh Kumar

ISBN: 9789353476229
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Tissue Paper

by: Mukesh Kumar
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    This story is inspired by some experiences of life where people feel like lost and sometimes
    meaningless to survive but still keep hoping for the best.
    “Someone who is not only the part of your life but the way you want to live the life, suddenly you
    lost her. You decided to go with it and accepted life to live the rest of it with the memories and a
    hope. But unfortunately you loss the control over the memory and now this is the reason of your
    pain. You have two options either run away or dare it. To dare it you choose your own way and
    fortunately you found her again but this time you are not being recognized. One miracle you see is
    she still kept your tissue paper that you gave her happily. And that tissue paper play a vital role to
    make everything as it was before losing each other.

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ISBN: 9789353476229
SKU: 3010
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 198

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Mukesh kumar is a simple boy/man born and brought up in a middle class family where people recommend higher education to get a government job. But since childhood, he lived to do what he feels to do well. However family always wants to see him as an officer in a government sector. He was good in study but not good enough to get into an IAS/IPS competition preparation. So he chose and landed up at a normal computer degree college. He started writing during his degree education and got the first appreciation by one of a school principle for a play wrote for school. After getting his degree (MCA) he relocates to capital of the country and started job in Software profession, but he continued with writing things. Travelled many cities and states in north India and still continued with job in same profession. Apart from this book, he has posted many short stories in social media which liked by people and followers of that platform.

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