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    Riddhi Pranay Wagle

ISBN: 9789353472436
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To Petrichor (The divine essence of dust)

by: Riddhi Pranay Wagle
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    “Poetry is a spontaneous flow of emotions.” – William Wordsworth

    In the year 2016, Her passion for literature grew as strong as a bond between two people, together for years. Her days would begin after dreaming the characters from the book she had read past night.
    But since she always felt she belonged to a better place than where she was living in, she would gulp down all the realities, assuming them to be a pill she had been prescribed for a better health.
    She finally decided to pen down the words her mind would compile after processing a number of thoughts. The last, she dedicates her words, to the “Petrichor” (the earthy scent after the rain). These pieces of words are now, no more just poetry on papers, kept in her drawers; but a channel to make people read the feelings, they’ve felt a way back.
    “Petrichor”, is now, a drawer-full of feelings, over a handful of words.

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ISBN: 9789353472436
SKU: 2606
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 103

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Riddhi Wagle is the daughter of Indore, a free-verse poet, a part-time dreamer and a learner. And when she is none of these, she is a Literature student. She seeks inspiration from the ordinary life, and believes in penning down all the details of the eye’s catch. Besides writing, you can find her wandering on the roof; trying to figure out the shapes clouds have formed. For her, poetry is a major medium of expression, as if she is made more of metaphors than of blood cells!

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