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    Shachi Baswan Krishan

ISBN: 9789353475406
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Tomorrow’s Today

by: Shachi Baswan Krishan


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About This Book

    Milind was a handsome young man whose esteem was jolted when the girl he loved rejected him. Life moved on. He then fell in love with Parul, a rape victim. Will Parul be able to reciprocate his love? Will the victim’s hurt keep her from trusting a man again? And will karma make the rapist pay for his heinous crime?

    ‘Parul gave him a very suspicious and accusing look. Milind quickly added, “Please don’t take me wrong. I find you to be a nice person. I think it will be nice to meet you, spend time together and get to know each other. Maybe we’ll end up becoming real good friends.”’

    Men and women together make this world a beautiful place. Couples are coming to accept a lot of things about each other. Also, they are accepting the changing needs of their ageing parents who flock to ‘Abode’, to find a new way of life without responsibilities.

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ISBN: 9789353475406
SKU: 2818
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 105

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
The Author has had the opportunity of visiting many states in India owing to the transferable jobs of her father and her husband. She has worked as a teacher of primary classes and a principal of a primary school. After undergoing training to be a school counsellor from NCERT, her latest experience has been that of a counselling psychologist in schools.

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