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     Utpal Ghosh

ISBN: 9789390223190
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Treasures of Love in Life

by:  Utpal Ghosh


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About This Book

    It is a story of a mid-aged middle-class India who faced all troubles in his 50 years of life which could not make him suffer physically; however, he had been witnessing into the whirlpool of life to access the strength of whirlpool and have an experience of the tormentation. He won in all rounds of the sucks and wrangles the environment/situations he faced during his life and he described about the expensiveness of the period, persons/situations as jewels of treasures that he gathered alike millions of moments to take him to sleep in memories ahead. The story ahead had been created by Uttam who had been a layman of India. He had been downloaded by a group of the department of delivery of Heavens’ organisation and it so appeared that reports of his previous life with the department of accounting in the department of Heaven’s organisation must have been with satisfactory score and with positive points of Uttam’s performance that he had been downloaded in a family of affable and honest social persons and that the same had so-called been blessed to be in the family who had neither been a part of beasts nor dacoits. The story written by Uttam contains the matter of his life and to showcase the incidences which made him stronger to create so that he could gather encouragement to live on longer than a conventional lifetime. The rational with Uttam had been considered by the fact that during the conventional lifetime, one living being becomes old by age and the anatomy degrade to make one ready to turn into ashes. The conventional time for such an opportunity is considered as close to a century for a layman. Uttam considered a conventional lifetime of a layman too small to be creative during one’s conventional life and that the reasons that the majority of the population contribute a very small amount to this bountiful earth. However, Uttam considered that the length of a conventional lifetime could be elongated with the strength of courage/power inside by making a contribution with the help of certain creative work to the beautiful earth as one found such an opportunity to make so as such aspects are conventionally undefined. Thus Uttam learned during the troubles of the lifetime that battle made him robust enough to be creative by contribution to the face of the earth where he found an opportunity to grow with its care.

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ISBN: 9789390223190
SKU: 4011
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 91

Meet the Author
Utpal Ghosh is the author of Treasures of Love in Life Story is a layman who lives in a conventional thinking. The "Treasures of Love in Life Story" is a fictional story consisting of fictional characters. The author is nearly 53 years of age and a middle class Indian. He has been working as an entrepreneur but because of his suffering, nearly close to forty seven years of age, a fatal accident turned himself as a writer. He wrote 4 novels and cook books of nearly five types. Because of the injury in the nervous system his recovery has been explained by the doctors who serviced him that it had been more than good to be alive till eternity with prescribed medicines without fault. His family is made of his wife who is a simple lady with all her goodness for him and his daughter who has been studying her graduation in English Hons. in Delhi University.Utpal Ghosh is attempting to win over his failure because of the accident he faced and he has been writing more and more so that his time is consumed in positive order and he wins over a period of time. He believes that there is no wasting of time when used for production positively. Utpal wishes to make his own cause so that the world over people understand that unconventional way is a method of processing which leads to glowing horizon ahead. Utpal believes that if the road is full of hardships, the spring is always there ahead when the winter ends. Utpal believes that winning at hardship way is full of happiness which become overflowing one’s life in such a manner that hardships are not available. Such a pleasure, as Utpal expected is woven as one’s life to enjoy.

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