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    Anmol Sinha

ISBN: 9789390119202
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What have I seen?

by: Anmol Sinha
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    “Sometimes what we see is not for us but for someone else. All of us want to see
    our future. This is the only subject in which each and every one of us has
    immense interest. To know what is unknown.
    Fear of unknown sometimes excites us and sometimes we feel that why is it that
    we can’t see our future if we are trying hard day and night to give it a strong
    If we are aware of what is going to happen in our future then we would certainly
    work to make it better. We would certainly work to avoid mistakes etc. What if
    we are blessed to see the future of someone else?
    Here in this novel Henry, our protagonist has recently developed a power to
    visualise the forthcoming things and events which is going to occur in the life of
    a person whose clothes he wears.
    However those tragedies which he sees, he visualises and he sees himself in
    those visuals which he lately comes to know that is not of him, however the
    person of whom he has worn clothes.
    Henry is very simple, innocent and low profile clerk in Pandemonium
    enterprises (a public sector company). He is so simple and humble that even the
    peons of the office neglects his orders and that is why he is struggling with his
    self-respect and identity.
    Henry is very hardworking, sincere and loyal towards his work. He does not
    only completes his assignments on time however help the other office staffs
    whom he thinks are his friends, however they laugh at his back for his
    Henry always thinks that why he is has a weak personality?
    Why people don’t take him seriously?
    What should he do more other than working hard in his job so that he gains
    respect? And suddenly he was awarded with this “Boon”.
    Will this “Boon” help in fetching Henry some fame.
    What will you do if you are blessed with this “Boon”.”

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ISBN: 9789390119202
SKU: 4071
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 198

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