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    Sharmee Divan

ISBN: 9789390030255
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When Angels Come Calling

by: Sharmee Divan


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About This Book

    Sharmee Divan has created a beautiful easy-2-follow reference book about the Angelic realm. She brings a fresh perspective by including the aspects of eastern spirituality. This book is an ideal introduction for the beginner but is a great reminder for the more advanced practitioners as well. Fortunately for us, Sharmee Divan took her curiosity seriously and brought a book that introduced her to angels. Thus began a journey with the divine that would challenge Sharmee and birth her dreams nearly a dozen years later, we are the beneficiaries of Sharmee’s willingness to organize and share her findings and inspires us. Her story leaves us amazed and smiling. She is a wonderful light-hearted writer.

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ISBN: 9789390030255
SKU: 3928
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 122

Meet the Author
Sharmee Divan has been a life long Psychic and clairvoyant honed innate talents once she connected with the spiritual word. Sharmee has been teaching Angelic therapy for over a decade and has globally influenced thousands of lives through her workshop, Seminars, motivational talks, T.V shows, and breakthrough sessions. Her angel prayers are also available on the Amazon Echo Dot Alexa. She also shares a deep connection with mother quan yin and is a natural channel of this Goddess of compassion. Sharmee looks forward to inspiring more people to follow the loving, joyful, and abundant spiritual guided by angels. Sharmee Plans to write many more books and Angels and other topics in future.

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